SNCTM Membership

$12500 - $50000

To attend SNCTM one must first apply.

The elite few who are granted access are given the title of Novitiate, or Approved Non-Member. As the newest participant in our collective endeavor the attendee is permitted to purchase tickets and VIP tables for any SNCTM event, worldwide. We encourage you to taste the fruits and explore our boundaries. The novitiate will soon find there is much more beyond the next doors.

The most exceptional perquisites of SNCTM come only with Membership

SNCTM Membership Levels

Aurum– $12,500 per annum

    • Aurum Membership is the minimum requirement for any single gentleman to attend a SNCTM soirée.
    • Access is granted to our undisclosed private Member Soirées.
    • Ticket availability, including limited-capacity events, is reserved and always guaranteed.
    • SNCTM Masquerade tickets are included complimentary.
    • VIP Tables and Upgrade Experiences and special event tickets are offered at 50%.
    • Dedicated VIP Staff-persons oversee and ensure that Members are afforded every priority during events.
    • Entry is granted with your guests to our private Dominus Room — our elite VIP area with private performances, butler service and top-shelf champagne in abundance.*
    • Direct access is granted to the SNCTM Concierge, for special arrangements and bespoke requests.

*Dominus Room availability may be limited at some soirée venues

Dominus$50,000 per annum

As our most elite members, the Dominus is entitled to all the benefits of Aurum Membership, as well as:

    • All tickets, VIP Tables, and Upgrade Experiences are included complimentary.
    • Access is granted to our undisclosed private Dominus Experiences.
    • A Dominus Member may always reserve a Snctm Courtier — a Devotee charged solely with attending to the needs and comfort of our most distinguished guest.
    • A Dominus Member may request private events hosted and produced by SNCTM, in locations ranging from presidential suites to private jets. All gatherings are priced individually.

Dominus Membership is limited to 20 individuals worldwide at any one time. Availability cannot be guaranteed.

Violet Key Benefactor – $1,000,000

Violet Key Benefactors are neither guests nor Members. They are a part of the Circle at the beating heart of SNCTM.

Every passion, Simple or Complex, is afforded to our Benefactors. For our VKB comprise an echelon without comparison and embrace privileges without equal. 

Only three will ever be permitted and only Nº3 still remains. Aspirants must contact if they wish to pursue VKB Nº3. Only serious inquiries will be regarded.

All new members are subject to a 3 month probationary period, and may be removed for behavior unbecoming of a Snctm member. There are no refunds.

Snctm events may be subject to change due to COVID-19. Such-affected tickets will be transferrable to future events and Memberships will be paused if a hiatus is unavoidable.

To purchase Snctm membership APPLY

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