Apply to Attend SNCTM

Admittance Is Granted Solely By Application.

SNCTM Chalice

To attend SNCTM one must first apply. All submissions are confidential and reviewed solely by our Dominus Council for the purpose of maintaining the highest calibre of guests at our events. If an applicant meets Snctm’s professional, reputational, and aesthetic criteria the applicant will be granted the status of Approved Non-Member and contacted directly.

Such guests are permitted to purchase select Soirée tickets to coming events, as well as full Snctm Membership, which grants access to private events as well as privileges and perquisites not afforded to non-members.

An Aurum-level membership ($12,500 per annum) is required, at minimum, for any single gentleman to attend a Snctm event.

Snctm is always supportive of elegant and intriguing women, they can attend without purchase if they are accepted to our women’s guest list.

Clear, recent photos must be provided. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be considered.

Applicant’s requiring the greatest level of discretion may forego our application and be interviewed directly by Snctm, for a $500 fee. Please contact to arrange.

Application Form 2021
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Only the Applicant will be contacted.

Maximum file size: 4MB

Please provide 3 photos with visible face. Intimate photos are not required.
In which cities are you likely to attend Snctm events? *
The privacy and safety of Snctm and our Guests is of paramount importance and confidentiality is required of all Members, Guests, Performers, Employees, and Officers.
To participate in any Snctm Event, you hereby agree as follows:
  1. You will not disclose identifying information of any Snctm Member, Guest, Participant, Performer, Employee, or Officer to the media;
  2. You will not use or attempt to use photography or video recording at a Snctm Event;
  3. You will treat everyone with respect;
  4. You will ask before you touch;
  5. You will immediately notify Snctm Security or Staff if at any time you are aware or have reasonable cause to suspect that anyone's safety or ability to consent is at risk;
  6. You acknowledge that any violation of this agreement will result in immediate removal from the Event, without refund, and a permanent ban from all future Events.
  7. There are no refunds.