Snctm COVID Caduceus

COVID-19 Policy

Snctm is committed to protecting the health of all staff and guests. Please review this COVID-19 Policy Statement prior to purchase

Snctm events, when and where permitted, will be held with COVID-19 rapid testing performed by an outside physician on all staff and guests prior to and necessary for entry to the event. No exceptions will be made.

All entrants will be required to complete a COVID-19 Test Consent and Liability Waiver prior to testing.

Testing is performed in the hours prior to the soirée and may occur at an off-site location in proximity to the event. The Snctm Concierge will schedule a testing time with each ticket-holder directly. Any guest who anticipates a scheduling difficulty should contact the Snctm Concierge as early as possible so alternative scheduling arrangements can be made.

Any attendee who is denied admittance due to a positive result will be permitted to transfer his or her ticket to a future event. Failure to complete the necessary consent forms will bar an attendee from entry.

For further information please contact