Snctm Performers

Application to Perform

Snctm values creation and innovation. We seek beautiful and passionate people to join our cast. Prospective Snctm Performers should submit the attached application. Clear recent photos must be provided. One must be intimate and full-length. All submitted information is used solely for hiring purposes.

Cast Form 2021
example: snctmsociety

Maximum file size: 4MB

Please submit at least 3 recent photos. 5MB max per file.

Maximum file size: 20MB

20MB max. (optional)

Maximum file size: 3MB

PDF, Pages and Word only 3MB max. (optional)
The privacy of Snctm is of paramount importance and confidentiality is required of all Members, Guests, Participants, Performers, Employees, and Officers. Any Employee, Performer, Contractor, or Subcontractor employed at a Snctm event will be required to sign a Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement.
You will be required to sign a Code of Conduct including, but not limited to:
(i) You will not disclose any identifying information of Snctm Members, Guests, Participants, Performers, Employees, or Officers;
(ii) You will not use or attempt to use photography or video recording at a Snctm event;
(iii) You will treat everyone with respect;
(iv) You will immediately notify Security or Snctm Staff if at any time you have knowledge or reasonable cause to suspect that anyone's safety is at risk or affirmative consent or ability to consent is at risk or impaired;
(iv) You acknowledge that any violation of this agreement will result in immediate removal from the Event and permanent ban from all future events.