Snctm is a Private Members-Only Club

The Club exists to serve the social and entertainment needs of our members and guests by maintaining the highest standards of excellence in all endeavors, by providing creative and culturally rich programs, and by providing a safe and comfortable environment for erotic exploration.

Admittance by Application Only

While visitors may purchase the Snctm Box or Snctm Hat in our Boutique, Membership and soirée options are available only to approved applicants.

To gain entry into Snctm, one must apply. An Aurum-level annual membership, at minimum, is required for any single gentleman to attend a Snctm event. Approved non-member couples who have never attended will have the opportunity to join us for Dîner, or to purchase the first-time entry Virgineum Couple’s Ticket. This is a way for us to get to know you, and also to allow our guests from around the world to enjoy a singular evening at Snctm with a carefully curated crowd. We screen for aesthetic appeal, professional status and what one would contribute to the Snctm community.

Snctm is always supportive of intelligent and intriguing women — they can attend without purchase if they are accepted to our lady’s guest list.

We encourage all who seek admittance to explore A Glimpse Inside Snctm.

Maison fondée en 2013

In 2013 Sanctum Ltd. Liability Co. founded Sanctum Club in Beverly Hills. In 2015 we evolved into Snctm — a private members club hosting black-tie erotic Masquerades, a luxury Dîner, a quarterly Classe teaching fetish & erotic arts and a Pool Party series.

Snctm hosts soirées in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Moscow, Kiev and across the world.

Curious individuals granted entry will find a nonpareil experience within our fabled erotic theatre and an opportunity to explore their personal desires without judgment. We are a society of like-minded libertines with the highest standards of taste and style. We embrace unrestrained indulgence with one rule — the golden rule at Snctm is consent. For only when we are open about our truest desires can we hope to attain the truest freedom.

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We won’t share your information with anyone, ever.

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