SNCTM Society in 2021 and Beyond

Dear Friends,

Though SNCTM has remained on hiatus through much of 2020, rest assured that we remain active and engaged in our grand pursuit of erotic freedom.

We will return this Spring to hosting our world-renowned erotic Masquerades and private events.

But until that most lovely night comes, all Memberships remain paused and shall not expire.

While you and your loved ones remain safe this season, we welcome you to view the new additions to our Boutique, including new Accessories and the Oculus Dei Collection — our bespoke, hand-made SNCTM jewelry. Soon we will add SNCTMS’s first Fine Art collection and various objets d’art for our loyal friends.

But these are mere tokens, as we embark on our most ambitious projects to come.

Warmest regards,

The Circle Ascends

Esteemed Fellows,

We would like to announce that SNCTM is entering a new, most indulgent stage. We, the participants in The Circle, are honored and humbled to follow in Damon Lawner’s footsteps and steward SNCTM onward. Some of you may know us. Many more we look forward to meeting.

This society is something truly unique — this ethos of erotic freedom. We hold it dear, as Members ourselves. We believe exuberance is beauty and SNCTM is our sacred vehicle. We are the vessels these transcendent experiences flow through. Yet we are the guardians as well, and we pledge to protect our secrets with ferocity.

In the coming months we will be expanding to new cities, elevating the opulence of every Soirée, and introducing a series of mythical productions. Through our performances we will catalyze our sexuality and make the Soirées themselves works of art. Every Masquerade will be our canvas. Every pleasure-unbound our paint.

Please join us for the next stage of our journey. From Los Angeles to New York. From Moscow to Kiev. To Paris, Miami, London and beyond. We are the New Libertines.

Fiat voluptatem,
flor seal

Founder Manifesto, Nº20


It’s been quite a life so far, quite an adventure. Saying goodbye to something I held so close it was almost beyond any relationship I’ve ever known, barring the love I feel for a handful of people that are closest to me and born from me, Snctm has been an absolutely all-encompassing affair of mischief and madness, triumph and sorrow, feast and famine, dreams and nightmares and certainly finding out what I want and don’t want when it comes to joining in body and mind with another in the most powerful of all human acts, for the furthest heights of pleasure, and the creation of life itself, the making of love. Over the past 6 years I’ve experienced quite a lot, and in the book I’m presently writing I speak of how it all began in detail. Here is an excerpt.

The moment I created the name and symbol Sanctum had a life of its own, it was born from me but not of me, it was real as anything I could see or touch and I knew I had what I needed to make my dream real. The few I showed it to loved it, but one girl felt it was too dark, said she’d never go to a club called Sanctum, and I felt anger well up inside. This was my child now and I was going to keep it safe and protect it and help it grow. I was it and it was me. If you talked bad about it you were talking bad about me. Growing and nurturing Sanctum so I could make its purpose known was now my mission, for I was its shepherd and nothing would get in our way. It felt this strong from the moment I saw it on the page in front of me, I was obsessed.

Now though as I write this I have truly, happily let go of my precious and passed the golden ring to a Circle of visionaries, and how I got from there to here is a journey I will share in its entirety in the book. I’m finding the telling of my experience to be cathartic as I write for many hours until I’m exhausted and take a break and read back what I wrote with an excitement I believe the reader will share. I’m letting it all out stream of consciousness honest, real and loving the process.

At the end of this particular path I step away with more than I could have dreamed when I started, more in experience, more in wisdom, more in love with the people closest to me, more in financial gain than I thought possible. Remember tickets to my first Sanctum events were $100, when the idea of selling a $425,000 membership was so far beyond anyone’s radar including mine it would have sounded completely absurd, but no longer. Snctm evolved into one of the world’s true luxury brands within its own genre, and still nothing comes close. Take a trip to Moscow for the Masquerade one day and you will understand the heights to which Snctm has ascended.

The Circle ⭕️ now has grand plans of their own for LA and NY Masquerades, and expansion into Miami, Paris, London and who knows where else. Under their guidance I can see Snctm becoming a true global brand, and I look forward to watching it grow even further than I was able to bring it. I will always be Snctm’s founder but it’s no longer mine and that’s what is right for me, it feels right in every part of me, to let go and pass it on to those whose passion reminds me of my own. Once time passes and I’ve explored what I am yearning to discover in my life, creating my Bali Music Festival, writing, spending quality time with my favorite people, I’m sure I’ll return to enjoy my VKB membership to Snctm. I’ll wear a mask and watch from a different vantage point, seeing how my fledgling society has grown. Snctm will always be an incredible accomplishment that I am proud and grateful to have fathered for the time it was mine. I hope my book will be an homage to everyone who took part in what I believe we will look back on as extraordinary moments during an incredible time in our lives. It’s been something special for sure and will continue to be! There is light and dark in all of life, and the same holds true for Snctm. There is only so much I can say here though, so that’s all for now.

Erotic blessings, Damon

Founder Manifesto, Nº18

Snctm is expensive, very expensive. Nonmember entry begins at $1650 for a Virginem Couple Ticket. This option allows approved nonmember couples to experience a singular evening at Snctm in Manhattan or Los Angeles. Dinner (Dîner in our Boutique and for Los Angeles only) is $2300 and includes entry into the Masquerade. VIP Tables begin at $5000 for 2 guests. Our Moscow & Kiev World Tour events range from $1250 (single lady) up to $11,000 (VIP Table for 6). These are all current nonmember options.

Membership begins at $10,000 annually and goes up to $1,000,000 – for our final remaining VKB Nº3. Membership allows access to members-only tickets, Dominus room access, and private events arranged by me personally to befit our members desires.

How then is it possible for a “sex club” to charge these prices, and count so many members at the highest echelon of society among us?

It’s because of the incredible people who attend our events.

Let’s begin with our members. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life, with one thing in common. Success. Each and every one of them has achieved what few in this world are able to. In addition, they understand and appreciate the Snctm ethos. That is why they come to us. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and always ask before you touch have been the cornerstones of our group conscience from day 1. This is how our members expect to be treated, and how they treat others. Of course, there is also our dreamlike ladies guest list.

Great sex is when two (or more) individuals decide collectively, from their personal fantasies and desires, to join in sensual union with one another. Not for money, and not to gain access to power, but simply for mutual unbridled pleasure. Our ladies guest list is highly curated, and exclusively limited, to ladies who are individually interviewed to enter Snctm with this in mind. We are here for each other, to celebrate a night of erotic freedom. Snctm is the one place where this promise actually comes true.

There simply is no other erotic club in the world where the curation of members and guests meets our criteria. This is what makes Snctm “The most elite sex club in the world.”

Erotic blessings, Damon

Founder Manifesto, Nº16

Welcome to 2019 brothers and sisters. My desire is to give our members and guests the most incredible evening of their lives. I spent my New Year’s Eve 2018 at the Masquerade in Los Angeles and it was everything I hoped. When text messages come in “you have exceeded our expectations” the day after events, I know I’ve done what I’m entrusted to do. I care deeply about this group and am in position as caretaker for an evening of unbridled sensual energy. I happily give all of myself to achieve this. When I deliver awoke dreams to our most elite clientele, literally what they search the world for, it’s then I feel good about what we’ve built. I am taking all this positive energy into 2019 to offer the chosen ones the best Snctm ever. To our competitors in Los Angeles and elsewhere, many who are upstarts who worked under me in the past, I wish you the best of luck. I must say out loud though that you will never touch Snctm, and your guests are literally those unable to get into my club. I realize that sentence is going to ruffle feathers, but I need to be authentic. Everyone reading this must know that only Snctm events are Snctm events. Everything else is a copy, and trust me when I say, not a very good one. I do appreciate “competition” though as it keeps me inspired to always push further. For that extra shot of motivation I do thank you. Also to prior members who have fallen by the wayside because of increased pricing or lack of faith, I bid you a fond farewell. I’m just so grateful to have cleaned house in 2018 to be completely ready for the most fantastic and well curated Snctm club ever.

To those who are presently part of what we are creating together, you know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I personally welcome you with open arms to experiences and journeys around the world that we can’t get anywhere else. This is as much fun for me as it is for you, and I look forward to what this year shall bring all of us on the path.

And away we go… January 19 we arrive in Manhattan for the first Masquerade of 2019. This event is in full swing with an incredible group of NYC’s most beautiful ladies, tastemakers and financiers taking part. Our home all year is the entire floor of a luxury downtown hotel including its multilevel Presidential suite. We look forward to our best year ever in the Big Apple! February 23 we return to Los Angeles for another celebration of upscale adult pleasures. Our home for the year here is another multilevel Presidential suite in a gorgeous historic downtown hotel. In LA we also offer our impeccable dinner (Dîner) service for 7 couples. This is a nonmember option which sells out well in advance. If you wish to join us for Dîner, reserve minimum 2 weeks prior to event date. Lastly, in both LA and NYC, we offer VIP Table experiences for members and nonmembers. Starting at $5000 guests may come in for a singular evening of the stuff erotic dreams are made. March 23 brings us back to Manhattan, and right after that we fly to Moscow on March 29 for another mind-blowing event there. I can’t say enough about this incredible Masquerade! If you are a single gentleman, or couple who desire to experience the erotic party of your wildest fantasies and upscale dreams, there is nothing that can touch Snctm Moscow. This otherworldly experience is available to reserve now in the World Tour section of our website. April 6 we return home to host in LA, and May 4 back in Manhattan. Then, we’re off to the the 72nd Cannes Film Festival May 18 for our annual Yacht party. This private, sexy event is very limited in availability and also found in our World Tour section. All approved applicants may login to their accounts and see dates in Masquerade and World Tour sections for 2019. We have a few more surprise locations in the works, and will announce those officially soon.

I hope this year brings you all the love and success you desire, and that you share what you have with those around you deserving of your time. Life is nothing without the people who are closest to us, so above all else we must be true to ourselves, and also them.

Blessings, Damon

Founder Manifesto, Nº15

From everyone here at Snctm who endeavor to keep us the most elite sex club in the world, to everyone all over the globe on our 100,000-email subscriber list and beyond, we would like to wish you exalted erotic love over the Holidays and into the New Year.

Make 2019 the time to forge ahead with your dreams and deepest desires. We at Snctm know that absolutely anything is possible. You simply need a viable vision and the bravery to never give up. Everything else will materialize if you stay on your path. We have only this life to unravel our 4.7 billion years of evolutionary transformation from stardust to flesh. Don’t wait another second to live the life you’ve always wanted. In the blink of an eye it will all be gone. Now is the time to celebrate your sentience to the highest echelon of human existence.

Blessings, Damon

Founder Manifesto, Nº14

The last many Snctm events in Manhattan and Los Angeles have been revelatory for me. I saw Snctm on the brink of collapse half a year ago, and I was prepared to let go. I didn’t want to be at my own events anymore, the message had been lost. I had handed the reigns over to a team of incredibly competent folks who completely missed the mark. As the owner I was collecting a check. It was bleak. For those who believed in my vision and watched it come apart at the seams, I am deeply sorry. I mean it.

As I was watching things implode, I was also snarkly trying varying versions of Snctm to see if I could put more money in my pocket with events that were less and less impressive. I was spiteful that Snctm had taken so much from me emotionally, and as my society was crumbling so was I. It was painful.

When the dust settled months ago, I realized Snctm could survive but I needed to dedicate myself back into it 100%, my heart and soul. I was also blessed with a new creative director, as a performer that had been with me for years named Holly let me in on a little secret. She had been manifesting herself into the role of director for Snctm performances for years, and when she saw how lost Snctm was, really the darkest hour, she stepped in to lend her hand. Sometimes the key is already in your pocket, but you didn’t feel it in there for whatever reason. Holly has become that key.

Back to the opening sentence, and what’s happening now. The best Snctm ever. For real. With the Gods of all things sensual as my witness to what the club has become, living up to the hype, “the most elite sex club in the world”. Our formal black-tie Masquerades are now filled with a love, openness and joy I’ve never seen before. I have certainly worked my ass off curating this group, but it’s not that. The ladies and gentlemen finding their way to us are, for lack of a better word, family. Maybe it’s the nearly 6 years I’ve been at this, or a shift in consciousness of the world, but my message is being understood and held with reverence at our events now. Respect each other, set ourselves free without judgement, always ask before you touch, and celebrate each and every person in the room! It’s not normal. It’s utopian. It’s fucking beautiful (literally). It’s Snctm.

Thank you to those who are in our new circle. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your commitment financially, because this experience comes at a high price. But most of all, really and truly, thank you for your love when you step into the Masquerade, your understanding of why I did this in the first place, your incredible energy, beautiful bodies and minds. Thank you

Blessings, Damon

Founder Manifesto, Nº12

2018 has been a year of incredible exploration for Snctm. The Summer of Love and Harlottes Surrealist Masquerade were important journeys to go on. More than anything else, experience leads us exactly where we’re supposed to arrive. We have never been afraid of change, for our society is built on the ideals of true freedom. Now having tried varying incarnations to see and feel the effects, we arrive at the dawn of September, bringing us around to what we do better than any other club in the world. 5-star Presidential suites, cocktail dresses, lingerie, high heels, black-tie tuxedos, Masquerade masks, Dom Pérignon table service and all the erotic pleasures you’ve come to expect from Snctm, that overtake your senses and transport you into an exclusive and secretive dimension.

We arrive in Manhattan September 15th to commandeer the entire 7th floor of a clandestine luxury downtown 5-Star hotel, including its 2 level Presidential suite with glass bottom hot tub. All VIP Table service is already sold out, but there are membership options beginning at $10,000 available for the chosen ones with the class and caliber to join us. 

Next stop is Los Angeles Sept 29th, in yet another opulent 5-Star Presidential suite. Explore multiple levels via spiral staircase, marvel at our erotic theater performances, socialize near the grand piano and fireplace, sip Champagne and savor Beluga caviar at the ultra-premium bar. 

As from our genesis over 5 years ago, the golden rule at Snctm continues to be consensuality. To us that means we always ask before we touch. May I kiss you, may I touch you, would you like to join us? This simple and honest communication is the unbreakable foundation that our society is built upon. 

Imagine a place where nothing is off limits and every fantasy may be fulfilled, while at the same time is safe, consensual and only what you desire it to be. This is the rarified Snctm universe, the ultimate adult playground, the dream made real. 

As always, we exist in actuality only for those able to join us. To be a member of our society is to be part of the most exclusive and elite club of this kind in the world. Anything else is a fabrication, and we amusingly observe those who attempt to unlock a box to which only we hold the key. Cream always rises to the top, and we look forward to celebrating with the chosen ones for many years to come, experiencing just how succulent Snctm can be.

Blessings, Damon

Founder Manifesto, Nº11

The last many months I’m a caterpillar in a cocoon, and every experience is bringing me closer to making my way out into the same world I was in before, but now with wings to take flight with a similar vision but a different perspective. The Masquerade on July 28th will be the embryo of a new philosophy grown to an infant that can be interacted with. This child will carry with it the wisdom of the last five years of its prior incarnation, but with a different purpose.

I created Snctm as a place to explore our base animalistic libido in an environment so opulent and free of judgement that it compelled us into a state of unbridled sexual freedom. What I found was this way of being is relentlessly unfulfilling. It’s like a drug for my followers, and I’m an expert at mixing the ingredients. This tincture empowered me to claim that a night of sex with strangers was akin to a spiritual experience. I don’t see it that way anymore. Hence I feel it necessary to continue further along this evolutionary path.

When I began our shared journey many years ago there was a man named Kaya whom I met and brought close to me. I had just begun this adventure, and he became a creative partner. Our talks were fiery, inspiration flowed relentlessly, and it was our brotherly connection that helped shape my fledgling society. We parted ways partially because we are each such strong creative forces that growing trees in separate forests made sense at that time. Now we find our paths are aligned again, each of us stronger and wiser as individuals, to reunify and preset for your pleasure Harlottes Surrealist Masquerade. To be played exclusively for Snctm members in Los Angeles and Manhattan.

We will be releasing visual glimpses of this new experience as it progresses. Of course I will be keeping things hidden as well. It shall be a visceral evening, created to help us find deeper connection with each other through music, art, sensuality and sex.

As most of you know all Snctm passwords have been changed, member lists cleansed, and everyone who has come before is being reevaluated individually. Approval through our highly curated application process will serve our primary purpose, the eroticism of the human race. We are all given the potential to become evolved, connected and spiritual beings. At Snctm members-only club we will explore experiences both intellectual and tangible, guiding us to our highest purpose for ourselves, and each other.

Blessings, Damon