SNCTM Ritual

All Hallow’s Eve in New York City

Imagine a Masquerade like no other. An unparalleled gathering of elites. Bemasked. Unfettered. For when you enter the world of SNCTM, society’s pale limits are left at the door.

All Hallow’s Eve on October 30th in New York City will be an evening of erotic ritual and revelation

The festivities shall begin at 10PM in our secret Manhattan townhouse with cocktails and champagne to the gentle accompaniment of a renowned Spanish, classical guitarist.

Drink, laugh, meet our finest Devotees.

For this dark and holy occasion SNCTM has prepared a duo of performances to premier. Two high rituals to arouse the blood for a Halloween frenzy:

The Consecration of the Devotee
Wherein a novitiate girl offers herself unto SNCTM, and is initiated into her sacred role
The Good Doctor
Wherein a holy healer purifies the souls  and bodies  of our fallen Devotees


All tickets are extremely limited, and price is beyond the means of most, as capacity has been restricted to only 30 attendees and COVID-19 rapid testing will be provided.

Only SNCTM Members, Aurum-level and above can be guaranteed tickets.

However to welcome curious novices, two Virgineum Tickets have been priced and reserved solely for guests who have never attended.

To all others unable to join us, please note, we have exciting announcements to come regarding the future of SNCTM in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond.

Best regards,