The Circle Ascends

Esteemed Fellows,

We would like to announce that SNCTM is entering a new, most indulgent stage. We, the participants in The Circle, are honored and humbled to follow in Damon Lawner’s footsteps and steward SNCTM onward. Some of you may know us. Many more we look forward to meeting.

This society is something truly unique — this ethos of erotic freedom. We hold it dear, as Members ourselves. We believe exuberance is beauty and SNCTM is our sacred vehicle. We are the vessels these transcendent experiences flow through. Yet we are the guardians as well, and we pledge to protect our secrets with ferocity.

In the coming months we will be expanding to new cities, elevating the opulence of every Soirée, and introducing a series of mythical productions. Through our performances we will catalyze our sexuality and make the Soirées themselves works of art. Every Masquerade will be our canvas. Every pleasure-unbound our paint.

Please join us for the next stage of our journey. From Los Angeles to New York. From Moscow to Kiev. To Paris, Miami, London and beyond. We are the New Libertines.

Fiat voluptatem,
flor seal