Founder Manifesto, Nº20


It’s been quite a life so far, quite an adventure. Saying goodbye to something I held so close it was almost beyond any relationship I’ve ever known, barring the love I feel for a handful of people that are closest to me and born from me, Snctm has been an absolutely all-encompassing affair of mischief and madness, triumph and sorrow, feast and famine, dreams and nightmares and certainly finding out what I want and don’t want when it comes to joining in body and mind with another in the most powerful of all human acts, for the furthest heights of pleasure, and the creation of life itself, the making of love. Over the past 6 years I’ve experienced quite a lot, and in the book I’m presently writing I speak of how it all began in detail. Here is an excerpt.

The moment I created the name and symbol Sanctum had a life of its own, it was born from me but not of me, it was real as anything I could see or touch and I knew I had what I needed to make my dream real. The few I showed it to loved it, but one girl felt it was too dark, said she’d never go to a club called Sanctum, and I felt anger well up inside. This was my child now and I was going to keep it safe and protect it and help it grow. I was it and it was me. If you talked bad about it you were talking bad about me. Growing and nurturing Sanctum so I could make its purpose known was now my mission, for I was its shepherd and nothing would get in our way. It felt this strong from the moment I saw it on the page in front of me, I was obsessed.

Now though as I write this I have truly, happily let go of my precious and passed the golden ring to a Circle of visionaries, and how I got from there to here is a journey I will share in its entirety in the book. I’m finding the telling of my experience to be cathartic as I write for many hours until I’m exhausted and take a break and read back what I wrote with an excitement I believe the reader will share. I’m letting it all out stream of consciousness honest, real and loving the process.

At the end of this particular path I step away with more than I could have dreamed when I started, more in experience, more in wisdom, more in love with the people closest to me, more in financial gain than I thought possible. Remember tickets to my first Sanctum events were $100, when the idea of selling a $425,000 membership was so far beyond anyone’s radar including mine it would have sounded completely absurd, but no longer. Snctm evolved into one of the world’s true luxury brands within its own genre, and still nothing comes close. Take a trip to Moscow for the Masquerade one day and you will understand the heights to which Snctm has ascended.

The Circle ⭕️ now has grand plans of their own for LA and NY Masquerades, and expansion into Miami, Paris, London and who knows where else. Under their guidance I can see Snctm becoming a true global brand, and I look forward to watching it grow even further than I was able to bring it. I will always be Snctm’s founder but it’s no longer mine and that’s what is right for me, it feels right in every part of me, to let go and pass it on to those whose passion reminds me of my own. Once time passes and I’ve explored what I am yearning to discover in my life, creating my Bali Music Festival, writing, spending quality time with my favorite people, I’m sure I’ll return to enjoy my VKB membership to Snctm. I’ll wear a mask and watch from a different vantage point, seeing how my fledgling society has grown. Snctm will always be an incredible accomplishment that I am proud and grateful to have fathered for the time it was mine. I hope my book will be an homage to everyone who took part in what I believe we will look back on as extraordinary moments during an incredible time in our lives. It’s been something special for sure and will continue to be! There is light and dark in all of life, and the same holds true for Snctm. There is only so much I can say here though, so that’s all for now.

Erotic blessings, Damon