Founder Manifesto, Nº18

Snctm is expensive, very expensive. Nonmember entry begins at $1650 for a Virginem Couple Ticket. This option allows approved nonmember couples to experience a singular evening at Snctm in Manhattan or Los Angeles. Dinner (Dîner in our Boutique and for Los Angeles only) is $2300 and includes entry into the Masquerade. VIP Tables begin at $5000 for 2 guests. Our Moscow & Kiev World Tour events range from $1250 (single lady) up to $11,000 (VIP Table for 6). These are all current nonmember options.

Membership begins at $10,000 annually and goes up to $1,000,000 – for our final remaining VKB Nº3. Membership allows access to members-only tickets, Dominus room access, and private events arranged by me personally to befit our members desires.

How then is it possible for a “sex club” to charge these prices, and count so many members at the highest echelon of society among us?

It’s because of the incredible people who attend our events.

Let’s begin with our members. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life, with one thing in common. Success. Each and every one of them has achieved what few in this world are able to. In addition, they understand and appreciate the Snctm ethos. That is why they come to us. Treat everyone with respect, dignity and always ask before you touch have been the cornerstones of our group conscience from day 1. This is how our members expect to be treated, and how they treat others. Of course, there is also our dreamlike ladies guest list.

Great sex is when two (or more) individuals decide collectively, from their personal fantasies and desires, to join in sensual union with one another. Not for money, and not to gain access to power, but simply for mutual unbridled pleasure. Our ladies guest list is highly curated, and exclusively limited, to ladies who are individually interviewed to enter Snctm with this in mind. We are here for each other, to celebrate a night of erotic freedom. Snctm is the one place where this promise actually comes true.

There simply is no other erotic club in the world where the curation of members and guests meets our criteria. This is what makes Snctm “The most elite sex club in the world.”

Erotic blessings, Damon