Founder Manifesto, Nº16

Welcome to 2019 brothers and sisters. My desire is to give our members and guests the most incredible evening of their lives. I spent my New Year’s Eve 2018 at the Masquerade in Los Angeles and it was everything I hoped. When text messages come in “you have exceeded our expectations” the day after events, I know I’ve done what I’m entrusted to do. I care deeply about this group and am in position as caretaker for an evening of unbridled sensual energy. I happily give all of myself to achieve this. When I deliver awoke dreams to our most elite clientele, literally what they search the world for, it’s then I feel good about what we’ve built. I am taking all this positive energy into 2019 to offer the chosen ones the best Snctm ever. To our competitors in Los Angeles and elsewhere, many who are upstarts who worked under me in the past, I wish you the best of luck. I must say out loud though that you will never touch Snctm, and your guests are literally those unable to get into my club. I realize that sentence is going to ruffle feathers, but I need to be authentic. Everyone reading this must know that only Snctm events are Snctm events. Everything else is a copy, and trust me when I say, not a very good one. I do appreciate “competition” though as it keeps me inspired to always push further. For that extra shot of motivation I do thank you. Also to prior members who have fallen by the wayside because of increased pricing or lack of faith, I bid you a fond farewell. I’m just so grateful to have cleaned house in 2018 to be completely ready for the most fantastic and well curated Snctm club ever.

To those who are presently part of what we are creating together, you know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I personally welcome you with open arms to experiences and journeys around the world that we can’t get anywhere else. This is as much fun for me as it is for you, and I look forward to what this year shall bring all of us on the path.

And away we go… January 19 we arrive in Manhattan for the first Masquerade of 2019. This event is in full swing with an incredible group of NYC’s most beautiful ladies, tastemakers and financiers taking part. Our home all year is the entire floor of a luxury downtown hotel including its multilevel Presidential suite. We look forward to our best year ever in the Big Apple! February 23 we return to Los Angeles for another celebration of upscale adult pleasures. Our home for the year here is another multilevel Presidential suite in a gorgeous historic downtown hotel. In LA we also offer our impeccable dinner (Dîner) service for 7 couples. This is a nonmember option which sells out well in advance. If you wish to join us for Dîner, reserve minimum 2 weeks prior to event date. Lastly, in both LA and NYC, we offer VIP Table experiences for members and nonmembers. Starting at $5000 guests may come in for a singular evening of the stuff erotic dreams are made. March 23 brings us back to Manhattan, and right after that we fly to Moscow on March 29 for another mind-blowing event there. I can’t say enough about this incredible Masquerade! If you are a single gentleman, or couple who desire to experience the erotic party of your wildest fantasies and upscale dreams, there is nothing that can touch Snctm Moscow. This otherworldly experience is available to reserve now in the World Tour section of our website. April 6 we return home to host in LA, and May 4 back in Manhattan. Then, we’re off to the the 72nd Cannes Film Festival May 18 for our annual Yacht party. This private, sexy event is very limited in availability and also found in our World Tour section. All approved applicants may login to their accounts and see dates in Masquerade and World Tour sections for 2019. We have a few more surprise locations in the works, and will announce those officially soon.

I hope this year brings you all the love and success you desire, and that you share what you have with those around you deserving of your time. Life is nothing without the people who are closest to us, so above all else we must be true to ourselves, and also them.

Blessings, Damon