Founder Manifesto, Nº14

The last many Snctm events in Manhattan and Los Angeles have been revelatory for me. I saw Snctm on the brink of collapse half a year ago, and I was prepared to let go. I didn’t want to be at my own events anymore, the message had been lost. I had handed the reigns over to a team of incredibly competent folks who completely missed the mark. As the owner I was collecting a check. It was bleak. For those who believed in my vision and watched it come apart at the seams, I am deeply sorry. I mean it.

As I was watching things implode, I was also snarkly trying varying versions of Snctm to see if I could put more money in my pocket with events that were less and less impressive. I was spiteful that Snctm had taken so much from me emotionally, and as my society was crumbling so was I. It was painful.

When the dust settled months ago, I realized Snctm could survive but I needed to dedicate myself back into it 100%, my heart and soul. I was also blessed with a new creative director, as a performer that had been with me for years named Holly let me in on a little secret. She had been manifesting herself into the role of director for Snctm performances for years, and when she saw how lost Snctm was, really the darkest hour, she stepped in to lend her hand. Sometimes the key is already in your pocket, but you didn’t feel it in there for whatever reason. Holly has become that key.

Back to the opening sentence, and what’s happening now. The best Snctm ever. For real. With the Gods of all things sensual as my witness to what the club has become, living up to the hype, “the most elite sex club in the world”. Our formal black-tie Masquerades are now filled with a love, openness and joy I’ve never seen before. I have certainly worked my ass off curating this group, but it’s not that. The ladies and gentlemen finding their way to us are, for lack of a better word, family. Maybe it’s the nearly 6 years I’ve been at this, or a shift in consciousness of the world, but my message is being understood and held with reverence at our events now. Respect each other, set ourselves free without judgement, always ask before you touch, and celebrate each and every person in the room! It’s not normal. It’s utopian. It’s fucking beautiful (literally). It’s Snctm.

Thank you to those who are in our new circle. Thank you for your trust. Thank you for your commitment financially, because this experience comes at a high price. But most of all, really and truly, thank you for your love when you step into the Masquerade, your understanding of why I did this in the first place, your incredible energy, beautiful bodies and minds. Thank you

Blessings, Damon