Founder Manifesto, Nº12

2018 has been a year of incredible exploration for Snctm. The Summer of Love and Harlottes Surrealist Masquerade were important journeys to go on. More than anything else, experience leads us exactly where we’re supposed to arrive. We have never been afraid of change, for our society is built on the ideals of true freedom. Now having tried varying incarnations to see and feel the effects, we arrive at the dawn of September, bringing us around to what we do better than any other club in the world. 5-star Presidential suites, cocktail dresses, lingerie, high heels, black-tie tuxedos, Masquerade masks, Dom Pérignon table service and all the erotic pleasures you’ve come to expect from Snctm, that overtake your senses and transport you into an exclusive and secretive dimension.

We arrive in Manhattan September 15th to commandeer the entire 7th floor of a clandestine luxury downtown 5-Star hotel, including its 2 level Presidential suite with glass bottom hot tub. All VIP Table service is already sold out, but there are membership options beginning at $10,000 available for the chosen ones with the class and caliber to join us. 

Next stop is Los Angeles Sept 29th, in yet another opulent 5-Star Presidential suite. Explore multiple levels via spiral staircase, marvel at our erotic theater performances, socialize near the grand piano and fireplace, sip Champagne and savor Beluga caviar at the ultra-premium bar. 

As from our genesis over 5 years ago, the golden rule at Snctm continues to be consensuality. To us that means we always ask before we touch. May I kiss you, may I touch you, would you like to join us? This simple and honest communication is the unbreakable foundation that our society is built upon. 

Imagine a place where nothing is off limits and every fantasy may be fulfilled, while at the same time is safe, consensual and only what you desire it to be. This is the rarified Snctm universe, the ultimate adult playground, the dream made real. 

As always, we exist in actuality only for those able to join us. To be a member of our society is to be part of the most exclusive and elite club of this kind in the world. Anything else is a fabrication, and we amusingly observe those who attempt to unlock a box to which only we hold the key. Cream always rises to the top, and we look forward to celebrating with the chosen ones for many years to come, experiencing just how succulent Snctm can be.

Blessings, Damon