Founder Manifesto, Nº11

The last many months I’m a caterpillar in a cocoon, and every experience is bringing me closer to making my way out into the same world I was in before, but now with wings to take flight with a similar vision but a different perspective. The Masquerade on July 28th will be the embryo of a new philosophy grown to an infant that can be interacted with. This child will carry with it the wisdom of the last five years of its prior incarnation, but with a different purpose.

I created Snctm as a place to explore our base animalistic libido in an environment so opulent and free of judgement that it compelled us into a state of unbridled sexual freedom. What I found was this way of being is relentlessly unfulfilling. It’s like a drug for my followers, and I’m an expert at mixing the ingredients. This tincture empowered me to claim that a night of sex with strangers was akin to a spiritual experience. I don’t see it that way anymore. Hence I feel it necessary to continue further along this evolutionary path.

When I began our shared journey many years ago there was a man named Kaya whom I met and brought close to me. I had just begun this adventure, and he became a creative partner. Our talks were fiery, inspiration flowed relentlessly, and it was our brotherly connection that helped shape my fledgling society. We parted ways partially because we are each such strong creative forces that growing trees in separate forests made sense at that time. Now we find our paths are aligned again, each of us stronger and wiser as individuals, to reunify and preset for your pleasure Harlottes Surrealist Masquerade. To be played exclusively for Snctm members in Los Angeles and Manhattan.

We will be releasing visual glimpses of this new experience as it progresses. Of course I will be keeping things hidden as well. It shall be a visceral evening, created to help us find deeper connection with each other through music, art, sensuality and sex.

As most of you know all Snctm passwords have been changed, member lists cleansed, and everyone who has come before is being reevaluated individually. Approval through our highly curated application process will serve our primary purpose, the eroticism of the human race. We are all given the potential to become evolved, connected and spiritual beings. At Snctm members-only club we will explore experiences both intellectual and tangible, guiding us to our highest purpose for ourselves, and each other.

Blessings, Damon