Founder Manifesto, Nº9

Welcome to 2018 comrades, this is our shared journey.

2017 was the most accomplished year yet for Snctm by every measure of success. We have doubled our earnings again, now four years in a row. We have added phenomenal new members from all walks of life, literal billionaires and architects of societies among us. We have attracted an incredible ladies guest list, each of whom have the power to declare they enjoy sex equally as much as men do. Incredible concept, and it’s real. I know with certainty if you give ladies an opulent environment where they are protected, not judged and free to choose, they explore openly. Just after midnight almost like clockwork on any given evening, one begins to understand what our endeavor is truly about. It becomes clear how we justify pricing our experience beyond anyone else, and why we attract so many exceptionally gorgeous ladies and influential gentlemen from the highest echelon to our private soirées around the world. It’s something no one else can recreate, a nearly impossible combination of mystery, lust, respect, beauty, adult freedom and sexuality that makes Snctm an anomaly wherever we play our erotic theatre for an evening.

This coming year promises to be our best yet. The hardest thing to do is keep reins on this juggernaut, as Snctm desires to blast off all engines firing. We have many opportunities globally with the Masquerade, television, merchandise, and even liquor. With everything on the table, it’s my responsibility to tread carefully. I have already achieved everything I dreamed possible upon the inception of Snctm, and now we continue this growth selectively. The roots of Snctm are a clandestine black-tie masquerade, the likes of which few have ever experienced. I will never lose sight of the foundation our society was built on. In 2018 experiential gatherings will occur in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Moscow, Prague, London and Cannes. What comes next no one knows, but I promise to give you everything you always dreamed might be possible, once you have been approved and enter our world.

Blessings, Damon