Founder Manifesto, Nº8

There is an elite private group now formed within the Snctm community called the Violet Key Benefactors. VKB Nº1 and VKB Nº2 were both acquired within days of announcing the opportunity. $775,000 was contributed between the two, which will further our mission to make Snctm the most prolific erotic society in the world. The final ouroboros VKB Nº3 ring in the triad will remain on my hand until acquired by its future owner. The price for this most coveted place amongst our community is currently $1,000,000. I have deep appreciation to our VKB for their altruistic offerings, and together we will explore a global utopia. From Cannes and Moscow to Rome and back home, the world is truly our oyster.

The premier of Showtime’s eight part documentary series Naked SNCTM is tonight at 11pm. A new episode airs every week, and viewers will have an unprecedented look inside our secretive society. We are moments away from Showtime’s nearly 30,000,000 subscribers discovering what we’ve created.

Although abundant interest in Snctm is imminent, we’re certainly not changing to accommodate. Our strict no photography policy continues with filming completed for season one. Locations will remain clandestine, with access only through the Lion’s Den, attendance still limited to 99 guests. Our private club will continue to be challenging to enter, with an application process that selectively allows qualified likeminded individuals to join us. We will remain true to the artistry, guest curation and exclusivity that makes Snctm a phenom, while simultaneously finding a new audience to share in our group experience.

Now, all the hype is meaningless unless we are literally arranging the most fantastic erotically charged evenings anyone has ever experienced. If what we offer is lacking, or available elsewhere, the dream is finished. With that in mind, I want to share some of what’s coming as we journey towards our 5th annual NYE celebration.

September 9 we arrive in Manhattan for Snctm Fashion Week Masquerade. It’s an exciting evening for our New York fraternal order to dress stunningly, and indulge completely. Most New Yorkers will be back in town from summer hiatus, and the response to this event is already inspired.

September 30 we return to Los Angeles for another wild evening of unbridled eroticism. Our LA soirées are legendary, the fantasy of the ultimate high-end erotic experience now reality. We are reinvesting into our theatre shows, casting new talent, and pushing the artistic envelope further as we prepare for what’s to come.

Heading into October we have two wondrous events planned. October 14 is our inaugural Las Vegas Masquerade in an opulent presidential suite in one of the best hotels on the strip. This will be a celebration for the record books of legendary Snctm gatherings, and that’s saying a lot in our case! We are expecting distinguished guests from all over the US, and the world, to join us for an evening of sexually liberated celebration bar none. We will be on the penthouse floor, with an outside private plunge pool and lounge, private bar, expansive city lights views, master suite with an enormous bed (size of 3 queen beds) and in the Dominus chamber, a grand four poster bed with mirror trellised ceiling.

Then, back in LA on October 28 we are excited to announce our annual Halloween event, Snctm Asylum. Get ready for a night of carnal pleasures as you’ve never before imagined from Snctm! This will be the party to celebrate Halloween in LA. No one does it sexier than Snctm, of this fact we’ve earned the right to boast.

Personally I cannot wait to continue along this path. That I am fortunate enough to do what I love without compromise, answering to no one, and staying true to my beliefs is simply incredible. Even better though, is knowing that I am fulfilling the promise that I made to you.

Blessings, Damon