Founder Manifesto, Nº7

In the 5 years since founding Snctm, I have been fortunate to achieve the impossible. On a personal level, I fulfilled every fantasy imagined. Most importantly, I delivered on a promise to my esteemed members and guests, to give them an experience unattainable anywhere else in the world.

Snctm represents indulgence and hedonistic pleasure of course, but it’s also a haven to discover and explore one’s deepest truth. It requires bravery to share authentically with distinguished individuals from around the world. We will always have opposition from those who are fearful, or don’t comprehend our mission. Regardless, the last thing Snctm will ever repress is an individual’s freedom.

This journey has been intense for me. Above all, I am certain the most destructive force in any relationship is dishonesty. The majority of couples don’t even begin to walk the path we are on now. This doesn’t mean sex with others, that’s something many couples do without telling their partner. What I speak of is communicating desires, and discovering ways to have healthy, fulfilling and deeply loving relationships that may be monogamous, or may not. Certainly the most worthwhile thing I’ve achieved is sparking this conversation, for individuals at my events, in the press, and now an 8 part documentary series for Showtime, just completed as this manifesto is written.

The experience of Snctm, and my personal journey, will be broadcast for millions of people. The world will watch the truth of my personal struggles and triumphs. I decided going into this project to be completely revealing of who I am, for better or worse. It will hopefully be an accurate depiction of a moment in my life, to be followed by another season, as Snctm and I evolve and grow over the coming years. One thing I promise you, I have put myself completely on the line for all to see.

To understand how we arrived at this echelon in society, one must step inside the Masquerade. Every month in a clandestine location in Manhattan and Los Angeles, our surrealistic erotic fantasy lives and breathes a life of its own. At every Soirée year after year, I look around and can’t believe the majesty of our fledgling society. The members and guests in attendance, some of which prior I could have only dreamed of meeting, frolicking wide-eyed in the most opulent locations in the world. With an energy, that feeling, that simply cannot be expressed without being present. It’s an experience you have to immerse yourself in to understand.

It’s rare that someone makes their dreams come true. I can tell you that I have done so. What comes next for Snctm I will share with you at the right time, for there is much in the works! Believe me when I say, the best is yet to come.

Blessings, Damon