Founder Manifesto, Nº5

Last evening at the Masquerade, I was struck with the realization everything I had envisioned Snctm might be one day had come to fruition. I was lounging outside by the pool under a heat lamp on fur blankets, embracing a current Playboy cover model whom I have very affectionate feelings for, relating with one of my favorite rock superstars who was being straddled by a devotee, as we all began touching openly and consensually. Sexuality at Snctm is less about jealous fear and more about embracing unconditional love and becoming enlightened. My partner whispered she wanted to have me alone, so we got up and went inside by the brick fireplace and took off a few items of clothing. In front of the group, as if there was no around, we began touching and kissing so passionately that for a while I felt suspended simply in pleasure. When we paused and looked around, I noticed we weren’t the only ones. Beautiful people everywhere I turned, blissed out in this place I created. I pondered that thought as well, how could this belong to me? I know I worked at a level few people could for years, risking everything to realize my dream. There was nothing that was going to get in the way of this vision, of that I was certain. But now it can feel so easy, my staff is amazing, my creative team and performers sublime. I have the privilege of being here and enjoying the experience, just as my members and guests do, and I am honored to be included. The reality is Snctm is very much alive, the people who come to our Soirées its heart, the performers its soul, and I its ever questioning and evolving mind. As we near New Year’s Eve 2016 it really does call for a celebration, and I plan on doing just that! By now it is obvious, I love to celebrate life and be surrounded by those of like mind and desires. Four years in I still look forward to every event, experience and moment we share in this rarified environment, and endeavor to guide Snctm to even greater heights in the future. I can assure you I will not let us down.

Blessings, Damon