Founder Manifesto, Nº4

It was an evolution meeting at the Snctm mansion that created our newest Soirée, Snctm presents Le Sex. My operations director Nicolas (formally manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Lounge) and I were discussing how smoothly during his tenure we’ve developed into a five star lounge in a private residence. Furthermore we currently hold only one event a month here, our world famous Masquerade, while we have the ability to do more. Because Snctm is a member club with an open bar and clandestine address, we operate as an anomaly in nightlife. This allows us certain freedoms, in particular that consenting adults come together for evenings of hedonistic ecstasy, with top level service in a safe and secure environment. If you’re an experiential pleasure seeker like us, you couldn’t ask for anything more, except maybe, more… enter Le Sex.

The Masquerade is our top tier Soirée. Dress code for gentlemen is black tie tuxedo required, our members and guests are immersed in an interactive erotic theatrical experience unparalleled. There is an exquisite French meal by reservation prior to Masquerade, with a private dessert performance on the dining table. It’s an exclusive star-studded evening, one that most only dream of. Masquerade is the crown jewel of the Snctm experience, yet it’s an experience out of reach for most.

We all love sex, regardless of race, color, creed, religious beliefs or political background. It is humanities greatest unifier. I know this to be true and I’m not afraid to say so. Of course there are many levels to sex, and certain elements can intensify or raze this greatest of all human interactions. Openness, a nonjudgemental attitude, esthetic appeal, safety, comfort, camaraderie, consensuality, and desire are elements Snctm was built on and have contributed to our incredible success. Le Sex combines all of these elements, without the formality and theatre production of Masquerade. While one still needs to fill out an application and gain approval to attend, priced at $500 for a couple and complimentary for ladies, it’s acquirable.

I never considered Masquerade to be a sex party, because the experience was not simply about sex. Le Sex is something new and different for us. Its more about participation than voyeurism, and if our premier event was an indication of what’s to come, we have another triumph to celebrate.

I knew the path to erotic freedom would be challenging, that nothing worth doing comes easy. I decided years ago I would not give up no matter what. But success doesn’t make me want to rest on my laurels, in fact the opposite is true. We are just at the beginning of our odyssey to eroticize the human race. Now more then ever it’s time for you to join us! Setting ourselves free of the fears around our authentic truth, and accepting and encouraging each other, as we trudge the road to blissful destiny.

Blessings, Damon