Founder Manifesto, Nº2

Having a conversation over dinner after attending Pool Party, with a lovely lady who shared she was standoffish when first considering attending our events, the conclusion we arrived at is the Snctm experience is not about sex. It’s about the openness, acceptance and freedom we give ourselves and each other here that is transformational.

Curating this microcosm of society to protect those who wish to explore here is one of my primary areas of focus. The decision to evolve Snctm to membership only has much to do with this ethos. There are guests who have come over the years to discover what they might, without willingness to contribute meaningfully to our ongoing conversation. I am interested in those desiring to join our society, raising the vibration of sensuality from the mundane to something extraordinary.

While making this decision I realize our annual membership cost is out of reach for many, yet also such a commitment equates to a higher level clientele invested in a Club they will protect and nurture. What we gain by a member only environment is true exclusivity.

You will notice in the Boutique, once you have been approved and created your account password, the option to reserve Dîner, or a table for Masquerade or Pool Party, for members and nonmembers alike. We are allowing this for guests who may not live in Los Angeles, but have been approved and wish to enjoy an evening with us.

Blessings, Damon