Founder Manifesto, Nº1

I don’t take many photos generally, and rarely at my events. While I realize it’s a digital world, I prefer my experiences in the flesh and in the moment. I have allowed Playboy and HBO a look around, and some other Press organizations with agreed upon ground rules. I’ve done this so they could tell their own story, show you what they see through their eyes, without divulging anything that might expose the identity of our members or guests. To date not a single name or photo has been leaked without consent. I am proud of our record, because your privacy is extremely important to me.

February 2016 marked over 3 years into this journey, and our evolution continues. The application process has become increasingly selective, as the number of applications has increased. I realize it must be frustrating if you don’t “look the part” that you won’t have opportunity to experience our world. I encourage you to take notice of what we have done and start your own group, because everyone should have a chance to experience the openness and freedoms that we do. If not every day, or once a month, at least once in a lifetime! You will find if you put the word out with a desire to help others and give them pleasure, you will succeed. I can tell you that has been my experience. I will also warn you, this world can be intoxicating and the pleasures found here destructive if you are not careful. Make sure you have an open and honest dialogue with your partner. If you do, Snctm has the genuine potential to give you the kind of passionate sex life you’ve always dreamed of. Even without participation at the events, the experience will change you forever. This journey is not for everyone though, so please tread carefully. There is dark and light in everything in life. Snctm is no exception, I have learned.

Now, I want to let you know how genuinely excited I am about our newest Soirée, Pool Party. As I prefer others words to tell the tale, I’ll give you a quote from a distinguished guest, “This is the Playboy mansion in the 70s.” While I wasn’t present for that sexual revolution, I was feeling exactly what he meant. There was freedom in the air, classic rock ‘n’ roll on the speakers, and ladies frolicking about in the sunshine in not much more than their birthday suits. The oversized trampoline was in use, I’m sure you can picture what that looked like. There were, of course, spirited performances from our exhibitionist guests in attendance as well, which for me is more fun to watch than any theatrics we stage.

As I personally lounged in the sun ordering fresh grilled fish tacos with tropical salsa and organic free range beef sliders with truffle fries from our poolside menu, surrounded by new friends, I felt we could have been at the Beverly Hills Hotel, if the Beverly Hills Hotel was clothing optional! I’m excited to watch this party evolve into the summer months, as I see potential for it to be legendary. I have made the ticket prices more affordable then Masquerade, to attract a younger demographic who might be finding pricing at Masquerade beyond reach.

Speaking of Masquerade, I’ve always been impressed by our clientele, but of the last many months I can say that I have been amazed. I’ve had opportunity to meet icons in their respective fields, and share open and playful evenings with them. You never know who you might rub shoulders with at Snctm. Those who make it inside might share some of their stories, but we tend to keep the experiences in our circle. Our ethos travels selectively by word-of-mouth, names are rarely mentioned, photos are not allowed and I would never have paparazzi alerted. In actuality you are either “in or out.”

I’ve been fortunate to attend every event over the last three years, and I’ve often been amazed. I never know what I’m going to see next, who I’m going to meet, or who might share their personal experience with me directly. Sometimes it’s with constructive criticism, but more often love and praise. It’s what keeps me always moving forward, reinventing and making this experience the best it can possibly be.

As I personally evolve through this journey, ideas about what’s next for Snctm are taking shape. Whatever happens I will keep in mind where I began, and the power of these words, “Whatever I do must help others, and give them pleasure.”

Spiritualizing sexuality was my lofty goal as I drew the Snctm symbol years ago, dreaming of a secretive society that would celebrate our desires rather then repress them. The truth and power of this idea grows stronger for me personally with each year I have the privilege of guiding Snctm. I have literally sacrificed everything so that our society could flourish. This I do not only for you, but for myself as well. As always, I am inspired by your authenticity, sensuality and bravery, and I can’t wait to see what we experience together next.

Blessings, Damon